Happy New Year!

1 Jan


It’s a new year! My Christmas series of posts are over but you can find them all here.

I really enjoyed revisiting all the Christmas specials, so I’ve decided I’m starting a new series of posts that I’ll call Blueshift. I’m going to start reviewing more past episodes (classic and post 2005) and giving my verdict on how they stand up to today’s standards. They won’t, however, be in order. I’m going River Song style and picking them based on what I feel like watching. The first Blueshift post will be very soon and I’ll be re-watching/reviewing The Girl In The Fireplace, which is my all-time favourite episode. So stay tuned for that and thanks for reading.

Lastly, don’t forget to watch Sherlock tonight at 8:10pm on BBC1, and my review should be up soon.

Happy new Sherlock day!

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