The Sherlock Drinking Game

21 Jul

It’s the Sherlock drinking game! Created by me (GravityShmavity) and my friends. (Best played with whiskey/Coke, vodka/Coke or just beer.)

The six main rules are as follows:

  1. Drink when Sherlock’s name is spoken. (Damn you Mycroft.)
  2. Drink when John Watson’s name is spoken. (Damn you Mycroft!)
  3. Drink when Martin Freeman does his look-up-slightly-to-the-right-or-left-to-show-frustration-at-Sherlock look. (This look. Which happens a lot.)
  4. Drink whenever Sherlock makes a deduction. (We define this as anything that warrants one of the show’s signature “deduction sequences”.)
  5. Down your drink when Sherlock and John get into a cab.
  6. Down your drink whenever somebody dies or a dead body appears on screen (except in the beginning scenes in A Study in Pink, where all the first deaths count as the same).

The following rules can be selectively added (not necessarily all at once!), for the more serious contenders:

  • One finger when Mycroft’s name is spoken.
  • One finger whenever Mrs. Hudson knocks on the flat door, says “poop poop” or calls Sherlock and John “boys”.
  • One finger whenever Sherlock places the tips of all his fingers together in a thinking pose.
  • One finger whenever Sgt. Donovan calls Sherlock ”freak”.
  • One finger whenever Sherlock says something to Anderson.
  • One finger whenever John pulls out his gun.
  • Down your drink whenever Moriarty shouts.

Combine a good drink and some enthusiastic partners and this game will make you feel like poor Sherlock after his encounter with Irene Adler… Chin chin!

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