“Gravity shmavity, my people practically invented blogging!
Well, in fact… they did.”

GravityShmavityWelcome to my blog, I’m a first year Journalism student and a bit of a huge geek when it comes to Doctor Who. From March-August earlier this year, I went travelling across Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and India and since then that has become a real passion of mine too. (If you want to read my other blog, where I talk about my travels, click here.)

This blog is the place where I like to write about all things in my life that I enjoy. These can be Doctor Who related, but also write my own reviews of other BBC dramas that I’ve loved – most of which are likely to include one or two previous Who actors, being the BBC – and one music review (not my last hopefully). One day, I’d like to make a career out of writing and this is where I’m starting out.

Expect to see posts relating to:

  • Doctor Who
  • Music
  • Television drama
  • Films
  • Books
  • Occasional ood babbling.
  • Occasional odd babbling.

Thanks for visiting and dftba!

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