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The power of words #20

19 Jan

The Next Doctor

“Help me.”

“Two words I never refuse.”

Jackson Lake and the Tenth Doctor (rsp.), The Next Doctor


The Sherlock Drinking Game

21 Jul

It’s the Sherlock drinking game! Created by me (GravityShmavity) and my friends. (Best played with whiskey/Coke, vodka/Coke or just beer.)

The six main rules are as follows:

  1. Drink when Sherlock’s name is spoken. (Damn you Mycroft.)
  2. Drink when John Watson’s name is spoken. (Damn you Mycroft!)
  3. Drink when Martin Freeman does his look-up-slightly-to-the-right-or-left-to-show-frustration-at-Sherlock look. (This look. Which happens a lot.)
  4. Drink whenever Sherlock makes a deduction. (We define this as anything that warrants one of the show’s signature “deduction sequences”.)
  5. Down your drink when Sherlock and John get into a cab.
  6. Down your drink whenever somebody dies or a dead body appears on screen (except in the beginning scenes in A Study in Pink, where all the first deaths count as the same).

The following rules can be selectively added (not necessarily all at once!), for the more serious contenders:

  • One finger when Mycroft’s name is spoken.
  • One finger whenever Mrs. Hudson knocks on the flat door, says “poop poop” or calls Sherlock and John “boys”.
  • One finger whenever Sherlock places the tips of all his fingers together in a thinking pose.
  • One finger whenever Sgt. Donovan calls Sherlock ”freak”.
  • One finger whenever Sherlock says something to Anderson.
  • One finger whenever John pulls out his gun.
  • Down your drink whenever Moriarty shouts.

Combine a good drink and some enthusiastic partners and this game will make you feel like poor Sherlock after his encounter with Irene Adler… Chin chin!

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